Bootcamp player is spinning randomly

The original Bootcamp project is working fine, but once I copy every Asset of it into my “real” game, the player is rotating very strangly around and two errors occur:

The errors are:

NullReferenceException: GetRef
LegAnimator.Update () (at Assets/Bootcamp/Locomotion System/LegAnimator.cs:399)

NullReferenceException: GetRef
SoldierAnimations.Update () (at Assets/Bootcamp/Scripts/soldier/SoldierAnimations.js:81)

I made a file search through every file and the “GetRef” doesn’t even exist. It must be some internal stuff.

I tested to copy it into a new project, which is working fine. So I don’t know what is wrong with my “real” project. Anybody got an idea?

Delete everything you have on boot-camp and re-download and maybe if you try and place single objects at a time in your assets folder it might work. Hope it helps :{