Border around webplayer window?

Is it possible to place a border around the unity webplayer display window?

If so, what is the best way to do this? Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Mr. Curious

If you want to put the border outside the webplayer window you will have to do that changing the .html.
If you want the border inside the webplayer, you will make the border inside your Unity project.

Hope this answer helped.
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You can edit the settings of the webplayer when using Unity Pro, check this link

Apparently you can only change the color of the border. If you want to use a picture as the border, you can either do something similar through html/java or inside unity, using an inner border.

The inner border is the simplest solution to use a textured border, you just won’t have it on the loading screen. Check what kind of border will be better for you.