Both Kinematic and Non-Kinematic behaviours at the same time.

Hello everyone,
i am currently running into a problem, which can’t be easily solved, so i am looking for any advice that could help.

I got an 3D Sphere as Energy Shield with a rigidbody and collider on it.

If i put this object on “kinematic” (picture 1), and control all movements and collisions by script, then its moving fine with the player together, until it collides with some enemies / hazards. The hazards / enemies won’t bounce correctly as the physics engine does not capture the collisions, and the enemies / hazards often enter the shield until they collides with the player. I can only prevent this by adding negative force to the enemies / hazards, but it is not working fine, as there are fast moving objects in the game, so they hit both the sphere and the player.

If i put the object off kinematic (picture 2), which means fully physically working, the collisions are captured perfectly, but the system won’t let me put it “on” the player object. I tried it with setting player as parent, setting the transform manually to the same as the player, but it always get “pushed away” as soon as it appears.


ok after some testing and trials, i found out the following:

  • removing rigidbody from the shield sphere object makes it perfectly surrounding the ship, and following it, but the collider does not to seem work anymore (OnCollisionEnter with debug.log gives nothing)
  • physics.IgnoreCollision given both colliders of ship and shield sphere makes it possible that both objects overlap, but the sphere does not move with the parent ship anymore even when i use shield.transform.SetParent(player.transform); shield.transform.localPosition = new Vector3 (0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f); , Debug gives strange values, when moving the ship along the z axis, the values of the shield localposition are way off, but on screen its barely moving a pixel