Bought an asset that uses C#, I'm a UnityScript guy

I know, “learn both languages,” “stick to one language per project,” etc. I bought a nice shader package that, so far, does everything I need it to. I just struggle making all my JS scripts play nicely with the author’s C# script. He has a boolean “DrawOutline” in his script, which I need to be able to turn on and off in one of my JS scripts. I’ve got them in the right folders so that there aren’t any missing namespace errors, but when I try this:

var outlineGlowRenderer = gameObject.GetComponent(OutlineGlowRenderer);

… I get a null reference exception, and the script can’t be accessed. I also tried a few different variations of this, including removing “gameObject,” adding .DrawOutline after the GetComponent(), etc, and still just null refs. I suspect it’s some kind of JS/C# mess, which would be unfortunate, but getting this to work would conclude one of the biggest hurdles in this project so far. Any help would be awesome!!

Make sure that your OutlineGlowRenderer.cs is in the Standard Assets folder and that your .js files are in another folder not in Standard Assets. Then,
In your .js file when you want an instance of the OutlineGlowRenderer use this:

var outlineRenderer : OutlineGlowRenderer = gameObject.GetComponent(OutlineGlowRenderer);

if you’re going to call the JS script using C #, first put your js script to Standard Asset Folder