Bounce, gravity and velocity

Hello everyone,

So I have this scene (Unity 5.5.0f3):

  • Static Plane at (0,0,0);
  • Ball at (0,1,0) with rigidbody using gravity and mass 1;
  • Bounce physics material with bounciness set to 1 and frictions set to 0, attached to ball collider;

I expected the ball to bounce forever at the same height.
However after each bounce the ball velocity increases and it goes higher. If the gravity is turned off, the ball bounces with the same velocity: no energy is loss or gained.

Is this correct? Isn’t the case I was expecting to happen the correct one?



A ball can bounce without gravity if it’s moving.

I understand that is a simulation. I just don’t understand why it bounces higher from where it started with zero velocity.

I just thought that a free fall body (started with zero velocity) shouldn’t bounce higher from where it started. Is this correct?

Setting bouciness to 0.95 achieved better results with gravity; the ball keeps bouncing forever and at the same height. However, without gravity there will be energy loss and the ball will lose velocity.