Bounce not calling OnCollisionEnter2D - how fast is too fast?

During my platformer character’s death animation, the character is pushed away by a force, and bounciness is temporarily set to 1, allowing them to bounce off of walls. My rigidbody’s velocity magnitude is currently capped at 20.

From my understanding, Unity has trouble detecting high-speed collisions. I’ve noticed that the first couple collisions of my death animation usually don’t register, maybe because of the speed. However, 20 doesn’t look or feel high a “high” speed, so I’m wondering if the bounciness has something to do with it.

Is there any simple workaround to this? I wanted to avoid using Raycasts, partly because I’m not sure how to shoot a ray in the direction the character is moving if they’re not also facing that way.

EDIT: Rigidbody’s Collision Detection is set to Continuous and Fixed Timestep is 0.01.

Try setting Rigidbody2D->Collision Detection to Continuous. This will check for collisions between updates.