Bouncing in 2D Top Down Game


I have another question: in my zelda style game, I am able to throw objects. Now, to get a little different behavior than in zelda, I thought about having a little bounciness when throwing an object. The problem here is, I believe, that there is no real “ground” on which the item could bounce, because when throwing, I check the y position of the player and let the object stop falling, when its y value has reached the players y value.
There is no problem with bouncing when a wall will stop the object, but what could be done, when there is nothing below.
Maybe an invisible gameobject that is located at the players feet and stretched along the x axis a bit? Or is it impossible to do so?

Assuming you want it to bounce no matter what the ‘y’ player’s height:

  • Create a Plane. (Before 4.6, you would do GameObject > Create Other > Plane)
  • Position the plane at the feet/floor level relative to your player
  • Make the plane a child of the player
  • Increase the size of the plane to whatever coverage you need…(100,1,100) for example.
  • Turn the renderer off on the plane, or delete the whole MeshRenderer component