Bouncing Platforms w/o Rigidbodies?

I want to put bouncing platforms into my game right now, but my character is not a rigidbody so I can't just make it a physical material with a high "bounciness". So I was wondering if there was some way around this?

To get a better idea of what I'm talking about, realize that the game is a 2d platformer where you can control your characters jumping, but I want to make it so certain platforms you'll automatically bounce up.

have you tried having something like oncollisionenter add force to gameObject...?

I'm guessing you're using a Third Person Controller, so you can add to the bouncing platforms a Spring Joint. I believe it works without a rigidbody, but you might need to try it out.

you can also add a 'bounce' material to your object to simulate a bounce on specific mesh's.