Bouncy Physics Material do not bounce


Kind of a simple problem, but I can’t seem to find the solution.

I’m simply building a Pong. I have two cubes as the paddles and a sphere as the ball.

My left cube and ball has a collider with my personal Physics material with these specs:


Obviously, not set as triggers. The ball has a RigidBody with these specs:


I have a script that calls AddForce(-100, 0, 0) on the ball’s RigidBody, successfully sending the ball right into my left cube. But, the ball, instead of bouncing back, it just get stuck in the collider.

I also have logged the velocity of the Rigid Body on the FixedUpdate and it does change during the movement, and gets back to 0 when colliding with the cube.

Any idea what’s wrong?

Set the “Bounce Threshold” in the Physics settings to a smaller value.

Just throwing this out there. Hope I’m not teaching you how to suck eggs ;). What scale is your entire scene? i.e how does it compare to the size of a standard cube game object? If your scene is too big you’ll end up having to apply unrealistically high forces to get things to appear to work. With high forces come unexpected results. If your scene is tiny you’ll struggle with tiny forces and inaccuracies there too.