Bounded volume scene in an WindowGroup with automatic WindowStyle

I tried switching the WindowGroup generated by Unity for a Bounded Volume scene over to Automatic WindowStyle to see how well it would behave. I was surprised to see that it worked almost perfectly. The glassbackground, window border, and resize handles all worked great. The only problem was when pulling the window closer or further away, the Unity content would scale up or down inside the SwiftUI WindowGroup after I released the resize handle. It looked like Unity was trying to apply a dynamic scale in the same way that Apple already did for the WindowGroup. I tried to find a way to disable Unity’s scaling so that it would remain the correct size in the WindowGroup, but I couldn’t find anything.

Is this something that we could fix on our side?

A bit late, but I only found your post now. Anyway we have the same problem and found a (mostly working) workaround, detailed in this post: [Blocker][IN-68441] MR content rendered into Window gets scaled when moved - #4 by Mitemmetim