Box Collider 2D Glitch

Hi, I am making a game where the character (capybara) can get damaged by various enemies. I have encountered a very strange glitch and I’m not sure if it is Unity or me.

The problem is that the Box Collider 2D is resizing when I press play. The strangest part is that the capybara used to take damage from the enemy but out of nowhere it stopped working. Here are some pictures to help explain what I’m saying:

The collider when the game isn’t running:
(unity doesnt allow two media uploads for new users[im not new] so i cant show you but i can assure you it is on the edges of the sprite)

The collider when the game is running / after I have touched the enemy:

If you have any ideas it would be extremely helpful, this problem only just popped up so I may find an answer soon.

Ok well i solved my own problem…

Turns out I had another collider on the same object interfering with the hitbox.
I’m still puzzled as to why the collider changes shape but its not a serious concern to me at the moment.