Box collider 2D turn invisible when assigned as child. Why ?


I’m trying to make a little 2D game with unity. But I have a problem. I have a Box Collider assigned to a fresh new game object. In the editor, it was visible and I was able to see its size with the green rectangle. I then assigned it as a child of my Enemy game object. And now I can’t see the box collider. Is there any way to make it visible? As you may have guessed, I’m very new to all of this.

Thank you !

Ok guys, I think I figure all this story out. I did not check the scale of the game object’s children. Scales were equal to 0, so that’s why I did not see the colliders. I don’t know why the scale turns to be 0 when I drag it as child though. But anyway, my question is answered, thanks to a guy at my job !