Box Collider and Character Controller Problem - 2D

94070-bugcollider.gifHello, i’m trying to create a little 2D game and I have some problem with Box Collider and Character Controller’s collider syze who don’t match.
Does you know where is the problem ?

(I don’t use 2DBoxCollider and 2DCharacterController because it doen’t work, I use the classic one)

Thanks !

2DBoxCollider and 2DCharacterController do work. Perhaps you were not aware that 2D Colliders and 3D colliders do not work together, and so assumed the 2D ones were broken when not interacting with regular colliders? If you go 2D, you must use 2D colliders and 2D rigidbody.

As for the problem here, look at the properties on your CharacterController. It is likely the “Skin Width” value causing this. Set it to 0.