Box Collider Center property reaction changed from 3.4.2 to 3.5

In Unity 3.4.2, I created an object that used a BoxCollider. I had modified the Center property to help with positioning objects. In 3.4.2, this had the effect of moving the transform handle independent of the BoxCollider, like this:
Independent motion

When I upgraded to 3.5, I found that modifying the Center property simply shifts the entire box and keeps the handle in the center of the box, like this:
Screwy motion

This is annoying and makes it harder for me to correctly position my level objects. I need a way of moving the transform handle independently of the Collider. Is there a way to do this in Unity 3.5?

So, with a little more research, I’ve found my answers.

Answer 1

Changing the Center property worked, I just didn’t have a full grasp of the UI. In the top left, there is a button to toggle between Pivot/Center transform and Local/World space. Using these buttons, I was able to duplicate the functionality that I was familiar with in 3.4.


Answer 2

I was using this offset center to place objects. For example, I had a collision trigger that would “hang” from a ledge. The trigger would be placed an arm’s length down from the ledge. The trigger would make the character react naturally, and the target ledge position could be stored to know how far up the character was supposed to climb. I found this post and realized that I could put some guiding geometry in a prefab with the trigger, and then mask out the positioning geometry so the camera wouldn’t see it.

New prefab