Box Collider not working above another Box Collider

Hi All,

So, I'm creating a virtual gallery and the frames that I'm laying out in this fashion (see images below) are not working when I output to WebGL. It works fine in the unity editor. The bottom row works as intended in WebGL but when I try to interact with the top row it seems to trigger the bottom one. I thought it might be a layering issue, but I have put the top row a higher layer then the ones on the bottom, doesn't seem to make a difference. I have tested with different layouts, but any frame that is over another one just stops working and trigger the bottom one. Have tested other objects with box collider by stacking and get the same results.

How the frame is built:
3d object - box collider attached
text object

Unity version 2019.4.9f1

Any help is much appreciated!


This does seem like a bug. If you can reduce the project to the smallest test case, would be worth reporting the issue.