Box Collider Vs Simple Plane Mesh Collider

I have a boundary editor that generates box colliders into the scene to form a boundary for our levels. These box colliders are very thin, pretty tall, and basically connect points. Our levels can have many of these colliders. I was considering using a simple plane mesh collider instead(4 verts, 2 tris).

I am am not familiar with the exact cost of either solution, so I was hoping to get some feedback here. I replace a small section with mesh colliders and it didn’t seem to affect it. I am considering replacing it so that the boundaries are one way, which I get with the mesh collider, but can’t get(to my knowledge) with a box collider. We have some areas that we want to be one way (combat areas where you can enter but not leave until all enemies are dead) and I would prefer to keep all boundaries the same way, though we can use two different kinds if needed(if the cost is too immense).

Thank you fo your time.

methinks comparison between sets of box colliders and mesh containing 2 tris can give different results on different scenes. note also, that two mesh colliders can’t interact with each other.

better way in your case if you get some perforance issues is to group colliders by zones and disable it covering with single sphere collider marked as trigger. on enter to this trigger - enable colliders back.

so, just test both ways and compare it for your scene