Box Collider wireframe not visible in scene view.

I'm adding a box collider (or any type) to a GameObject I am constructing, but the wireframe will not be visible no matter what I do. Has anyone run into this?

Also, the edit collider tool isn't giving me handles any more, and seems useless now. I've tried rebooting.

Edit: nevermind. I was pasting component values that zeroed out the object's transform scale.:sweat_smile:

Still no handles on my Edit Collider button though, which really sucks!

Make sure that the gizmo's are turned on and not hidden and make sure that the collider is expanded/"folded out" in the inspector view.


Thanks, cool beans. This was a while ago and I was embarrassed, the collider was being scaled to 0 by a script.

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Thank you, I had the same problem for the same reason.

Hi! in the case of wheel collider, you also need rigitBody in the parent! ;)

This was really helpful! Thanks!