Box colliders don't collide

I’ve added a box collider to my prefab but fighters can still pass through each other. isTrigger on both is set to false. The move animation moves the fighter i.e. I’m not altering the fighters’ position through code, may that be the reason why it’s not working?

Edit: adding a rigid body does seem to detect the collision but fighters don’t react naturally when it happens. I just want to avoid passing through, don’t want any physics acting upon them on collision.

Any Collider inside “root” of humanoid character will be controlled by animator. It will collide with nothing as long as the animation still running.

See my character setup

I have lots of collider for body and sword. But as long as the animator is running. Nothing will collide with anyone unless the character is dead and animator is turn off(then bone collider will start working even when they are already enable).
Rigidbody is turnoff(reset free).

You must have to set Capsule collider along with animator for character collider to work.