Box Colliders of imported OBJ not centered on OBJ, How would i center it?

FOr some reason this happens. Why and how to fix it?

In the export settings of the OBJ in DAZ i already figured out how to make it so that the character faces the right directio nwhen loaded and is upright. However now this problem came up.

And i need to have rigidbodies and colliders in my game so i need them cetnered

as it is selected on the picture, go to the inspector tab, you will see a box collider options, and jus play around with these x,y and z axis,

also you can just fix that pivot by creating an empty gameobject and parent the chair to the empty game object, and again, just play around with the table’s axis.

hope that helps

well that is not the way to go at least quickly.
all you need to do is in your hierarchy open up the imported object. in recent versions of unity the mesh of the object gets imported inside an empty object. don’t know why they did it. get the mesh out of that empty object and apply the colider. it will be the perfect fit