Box Hole Help

so I’m making a game, i’ve got my room made with six cubes, but, i want a hole in
one of the walls for my character to climb out of when he reaches it.
what can i do to do this?
thanks :slight_smile:

Unity doesn't work like some other world or level builders out there where you build walls and can then cut out pieces (like the Quake/Source/UT editors).

Instead, you make most of your levels and objects in a 3D modelling package like Blender (Free) or Autodesk Maya (Expensive but Great) and import them into your game.

So you would create your wall-with-a-door in your modelling package first, then place it in your game world.

In reality, you'll very rarely use 'Cube', 'Plane' the other primitive shapes in Unity unless you are making some very basic blocks or walls. If you've played with other modding or level creation tools, you may need to forget a fair bit about what you've learned.


In blender you would make a cube, flatten it into a wall, subdivide it with the 'subdivide' button (which breaks up the geometry into smaller cubes) and then you could eliminate the ones that make a door by 'extruding' them.

You'd then export it to an FBX file and drag it into your Asset list in Unity.

Making a game that requires dynamic placement of holes in terrains and walls. 2013… I don’t think it’s crazy to have a highly dynamic game that would need a hole in an object that you can’t otherwise pre-stage and script your way through. Especially when the hole is a minor technical part of game play but wholly necessary to the games premise…

I vote for a simple game object that’s invisible and can subtract from other objects while overlapping… How the hollow space is covered when visible would be up to the options of this ‘hoped for’ game object :slight_smile: