box numbering

I have a number of boxes.

I arrange them from left to right and have named them with ascending numbers from left to right, partially manually and partially with mass renamer. Now I need to rename them all. If I select the boxes from top to bottom in the heiracy in unity and run mass renamer sometimes they get named wrongly. All the names are there, just some are in the wrong order. As if there was some secret numbering system maybe based on the creation order, that was being used in preference to the order of selection. Any ideas?


they are colliders

Robin -who makes mass renamed says

"Yes it’s a known bug, I though Unity would eventualy fix it, but they didn’t so I had to make the change my self.

I reupload a new version (Version 1.1), now this should work.

Tell me if this work for you.

Maybe you need to wait a bit, before it’s avaible in the store after reviewing by Unity Team."