Breaking connection between two fbx game object


I have a fbx file of a soccer player with animations and materials. I have created two game object with it (two soccer attackers), and whenever I change one of them’s materials, the other changes also.

Ok, now, I want two make another two players (defence players) from that fbx file, that won’t be connected to the other two (the attacker), so I made a copy of the fbx file, and created two game objects from it. But, the result is, whenever I change any one of them (attacker or defencers) all of the four players are affected by it.

How can I seperate the first two from tha last two?


Just create a new Material, effectively copying the original one but giving it a separate name, but keeping all other values like textures etc. Apply this new Material to the group of players that need to have their material changed (duh!). Now if you change anything in the new material, it will only affacet the group of players using it.