Breakpoints not working ! (monodevelop)

Hi, today breakpoints in mono suddenly stopped working. This is a major problem, I can’t continue developing like this. I searched for fixes but could not find anything that works for me. Is this a know problem? How can I fix it?

I found a solution that worked for me on this forum:

  1. Delete all files in Library/ScriptAssemblies.
  2. Then right click on the folder containing your scripts and click reimport
    or restart Unity.

Source of the problem:
You recompiled the code while debugging. Just don’t change the code while Monodevelop is attached to the process. Detach it before making any changes. This won’t always cause the problem to happen. There is a chance it will cause it depending on what’s going on under the hood of Monodevelop, which is why your breakpoints will “sometimes” not work.

Thanks, this is the first solution to this problem that has worked!