Bridge over Lava with NavMeshComponents

I’m working on a Dungeon Keeper like game. It is tiled based and Player can build bridges over lava.
I tried the new NavMeshComponents but it won’t work.

Any ideas?
Thanks so far.

That actually looks like it kind of worked, but needs some settings altered.

Assuming that I’m understanding the picture correctly, the red is “not pathed” and dark blue is “2nd floor of path” so you kind of need to have your settings adjusted for elevation.

Doing a quick thing I once created a ramp with cubes by just intersecting the cube with the floor and recalculating the paths with that.


Thanks for answering.

I worked it out. A “static” bridge can be done the way you describe it. Just use meaningful geometry, adjust settings for NavMesh baking and bake it.

I couldn’t find a way for dynamic bridges (built by player) though. I experimented with NavMesh links, but they are not usable in a real world scenario. They only work in Unity’s own demo (90° walls), because with only one agent and a 90° twist you don’t see the error.