Bring non IMGUI Button to front

Hello there, thanks for reading, im having trouble when im trying to show a “UI created Button” on the front, without the rest of the objects making in it disappear in the back. What im trying to do is create a regular Button like New->Canvas->Panel->Button, but its always in the back even tho its always first in the hierarchy, the only way i can get away with creating buttons so far is making GUIButtons in the onGUI() function (in the end of the function). So the question is, how do i bring the UI created buttons to the front? All the things that run onGUI() render on top of the UI Buttons. Thanks again!

In Unity, the last in the UI hierarchy is always last to render, which means that it’ll appear on top of whats above it.

Move the UI Button further down the hierarchy and it should render after other objects.

Thanks for replying @phxvyper , but the problem is still there, there is a Camera rendering some onGUI() and thats above all, even if the Canvas is down in hierarchy