Bringing in animation done with a deformer from maya

Hey , so i have an animation done in maya using a sine and wave deformer , now ive just found out that unity does not support animation done with those , whats another method i can use to somehow bring that animation in ?

(Disclaimer: Im a Max artist)
Back in the day a technical artist I worked with set up a rig driven by the cloth system to drive the position/rotation of a bone hierarchy.
The bones were constrained (some way) to the surface of the high poly cloth mesh, then the bones would be animated based on the physics of the animated cloth.

The low poly (in-game) cloth cloak was then skinned to the animated bones and looked very realistic because the animated bones were accurate to the high poly physics cloth.

The bones and low poly cloth were then exported to Unity. The dynamic cloth mesh in 3D was only used to drive the bones in 3D and not exported to the engine.

Probably not a helpful story - but if you could figure a way to bind bones to the deformer mesh in Maya and have an animation generated from the wave deformer, then you could skin another mesh to the bones and export into Unity, similar to how we did convincing animated cloth.