BroadcastMessage to Instantiated Object

I am trying to set the target of an instantiated camera to an instantiated cube. The Instantiating works fine, but for some reason it doesn’t recognize the objects when I try to access them. I tried sending a broadcast message to a none instantiated object from the same function and it worked. So now I am just trying to get it to say hello and make it just respond. Here is my code for the spawn:

function spawnPlayer() {
	var thePlayer = Network.Instantiate(playerPrefab, spawnObject.position, Quaternion.identity, 0);
	var theCamera = Network.Instantiate(cameraPrefab, spawnObject.position, Quaternion.identity, 0);
	theCamera.BroadcastMessage("new_Target", "hello");
	//theCamera.BroadcastMessage("new_Target", thePlayer);

here is my code for the receiving object:

function newTarget(obj) {
	//target = obj;            This is where the target would be set if it were uncommented

and here is my error:

BroadcastMessage new_Target has no receiver!
UnityEngine.GameObject:BroadcastMessage(String, Object)
NetworkManager:spawnPlayer() (at Assets/scripts/NetworkManager.js:55)
NetworkManager:OnServerInitialized() (at Assets/scripts/NetworkManager.js:63)
UnityEngine.Network:InitializeServer(Int32, Int32, Boolean)
NetworkManager:startServer() (at Assets/scripts/NetworkManager.js:28)
NetworkManager:OnGUI() (at Assets/scripts/NetworkManager.js:84)

Thanks in advance!

I’m so stupid. I had a typo in the name of the function it should have been this:

theCamera.BroadcastMessage("newTarget", "hello");