Broken debugger

Just a question. How are you supposed to debug unity/monodevelop if it crashes on the break points.

here is where it crashes 4 times in a row.

private List _itemList;
private int _totalItems;
private string[] _itemNames;

// this is in my startup/initialize section
// Load the item list
_totalItems = Globals.TotalNumberOfItems;  // this is set to 4
_itemList = new List( _totalItems ); // an array declared as 
_itemNames = Globals.ItemList;
for( i = 0; i < _totalItems ; i++) // breakpoint is here
   _itemList <em>= (Texture2D)Resources.Load( _itemNames*, typeof(Texture2D));*</em>

this is a really bad program. you have to stop unity to run the debugger in mono.
and every time I stop unity I have to reset my general setting in mono to use .net 4.0
since it cannot remember what I set it too.

Looks like you aren’t really debugging the right way. Don’t build in MonoDevelop, let Unity do the build and attach to the Unity process.

See this Unity Gems article

ok will give that a try.