Broken UV Mapping from 3ds max

I’m having a problem with a model I’m making and haven’t been able to find a solution. Basically some of my UV coordinates seem to be wrong in Unity, but everything looks fine in 3ds max. I was wondering whether someone has had the same issue and can tell me what I’m doing wrong. All parts that are wrong were simply pelt mapped and I can’t figure out how they differ from the parts that are correct.

alt text
alt text

Any help would be much appreciated! If this is the wrong place, I apologise :frowning:

The problems appear to be in random, but consistent places on the mesh, no seams near them.

It is broken in 3ds max after exporting/importing, but the UV map looks identical.

I now exported it to OBJ and back into 3ds max, then exported that to FBX and that model looks fine in Unity, so maybe I will simply use that work around. Still extremely strange.