Brush for Navmesh ?

I was thinking on feature that could be useful when making navmesh for our agents. When we have some small empty spaces and we want to bake it. Or delete some bake spaces from the terrain like above hills. this brush will make the work faster than rebake the full terrain.

So, how about this idea ?

I think it's a nice concept but a bad workflow. Whenever anything changes in the level, the navmesh will need to be rebuilt. You will lose your changes.

A much easier way is to feed navmesh a mesh of your own making, perhaps derived from a smoother or modified heightmap. This is possible now and a better solution as you can make it automated and it will satisfy iterative workflows.

I did this for Unity terrain before and it works perfectly.

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That is my point. before you build your navmesh, this brush will help you to color areas that no need to bake. this will make the build more faster.
It’s an idea.

Instead of thinking in negative space, use NavmeshSurface components to define areas where you want namvesh to be baked.

What i do is to place cubes or other helper geometry that is not nabigatable under a root. I bake with it on. I dissable for gameplay.