Bug : Calling WWW.Dispose() freeze ALL Android devices. (when WWW.isDone is not yet equal to true)

Everything is in the title.

  1. Having a piece of code that call WWW.Dispose() when a custom timeout has been reached
  2. Set a low bandwidth throttling in a proxy tool (Charles by example)
  3. Pass throught proxy with an Android device
  4. Launch, start to load something… your custom timeout is reached X seconds later, you call the Dispose method and the application freeze.

The app is responsive around 40-60 seconds later (when the real WWW timeout has been reached).
If I stop the throttling during the freeze, the app instantly resume.

This behaviour has been noticed 2+ years ago.
I’m using Unity 5.2.0f3 and I’m seriously considering using another development tool. In other words, quit Unity because of its lack of stability.


Did you manage to do anything? I also have the issue there on both 5.3.0f4 and 5.3.1 with an iOS device. The device completely freezes. Same case, I have a custom timeout.