BUG. Canvas UI elements are shifted after unity editor reopen. LTS

Hello community!
Noticed some annoying bug of unity editor 2022.3.4f1 LTS
When I run Unity editor on windows and open scene with canvas, all ui corner elements (with corner anchors) are shifted with some offset.

But bug is not reproduced on the same Unity editor version on mac

Interesting that canvas is prefab, so when I open prefab all ui elements on the right place (Windows)

Sometimes UI scenes using lots of layout will get transiently stuck in a weird state, and usually just enabling/disabling the top Canvas GameObject will fix it.

But more likely it is just incomplete / incorrect anchoring / scaling.

Here are some notes on UI Anchoring, Scaling, CanvasScaler, etc:



Usually you need to choose a suitable ScaleMode and MatchMode in the Canvas Scaler and stick with it 100%. Generally if you change those settings you will often need to redo your UI entirely.

I also use this CanvasScalerOrientationDriver utility to make sharing UI for Landscape / Portrait easier. Read what it does carefully.


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Getting the same issue using 2022.3.4f1 LTS. Were you able to fix it?

We are having similar issues after updating from 2021.3.12f1 to 2022.3.8f1.

All of our canvas prefabs are pretty much busted.

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