BUG: GUISkin not updating in real-time when using name reference.

When using a custom GUIStyle created in a GUISkin, there is a difference in the way you reference it. If you reference it by the index, any changes made to it in the inspector will update style in real-time. But any style referenced by the name, will not recieve changes before restarting playmode. As posted in the comments, this has not always been the case.



GUI.Box(rect, string, "NAMEOFSTYLE"); /* Does not update real time */

GUI.Box(rect, string, GUISKIN.customStyles[0])); /*Does update real time */


First create a GUISkin in your project: Assets> Creat> GUISkin

Then try this code, put in a empty GameObject:


 using UnityEngine;

 using System.Collections; 

 public class database: MonoBehaviour {

 public GUISkin GuiCustom; 

    void Start {

     GUI.skin = GuiCustom; 

     GUI.Box (new Rect (140,445,300,310), "Title!"); 




Drag the GUISkin that is in your project to the class “GUISkin GuiCustom”, the empty GameObject.

Done it all start playing and click the GUISkin that was placed in your project and change the option: BOX