BUG in Animator in Unity 2020.3.31f1

After adding animations to an animation controller, I am unable to make multiple transitions. Right clicking on an animation state in the Animator actually shows the context menu that should appear when you click in empty space, as shown in my screenshot. The problem occurs in any animator controller, whether it was imported with an asset or made manually. This is a pretty major problem for me, it’s making progress on my project very difficult.

I updated my project to 2021.2.16f1 and the animator is working fine in that version.

I am having this same issue after updating to 2020.3.31f1. I’m also unable to move the states when a transition is attached. This was not a problem in the past.

Oh my god i’m also having the same problem

After updating to the new version I also cannot make multiple transitions from one animation.

Same Here! Impossible to work!

Mark both states (ctrl click both or leftclick + drag to mark them) then right click the state that you wish the transition to start from. Works with 2020.3.32f1,Control click both and then right click on the one where you want the transition to start. This worked for me in 2020.3.32f1

This issue is fixed in 2020.3.33!