[Bug?] New input system generates ambigous classes and variables

I have been working with the new input system for over 2 weeks with no issues, until I added a new action and now randomly the Input.cs is full of ambigious classes and variables out of nowhere.

To solve this issue I had to rename the C# Class Name and File but now it generates some weird stuff like the class of the input master implements IInputActionCollection2, which literally doesn’t exist according to Unity (I had to delete the 2 at the end to make it work).

As far as I can tell, this happened after I made changes to the input system (added new actions) and started to reference them. I forgot to save the input system tough and left the line referencing it half finished, and after saving the input system asset Unity couldn’t compile the code so it just made another input system compile. At least I assume that’s what happened.

Issue is that everytime I want to make a new action, the input system will generate an incorrect class for it and there is now seemingly a phantom input class somewhere in my project which I have zero idea where is. Any ideas how to clean up my project?

Edit: addittional issue came up, as I now had to create a separate instance of the class it generated with the new name. Basically now I have the “old” inputs on the old class and the “new” inputs on the new class.