Bug of light and emissive which disappears according to the rotation of the camera.

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing well.

So I’ve been using Unity for several years, in any form of version (Unity 4 - 2022) and on each version I have this light problem.

GIF : https://i.gjcdn.net/data/fireside/p...4f8b5e6d86a22da75fe6b5b9a192437e-q3dqidmy.gif

MP4 : https://v.redd.it/link/wb0cg9/asset/z0mok3za8he91/DASH_480.mp4

I don’t know what it’s due to.

It does this to me on all my projects, I’ve already tried to reinstall Unity, but whether it’s on my professional pc or on my personal pc, I always have the same problem.

It’s very annoying as a light bug, since it really interferes with the use of the game and the experience.

It might be due to a bad camera or light setting on Unity, but even an empty/new project, I have the exact same problem.

I can’t find any explanation, I’ve searched the forums but I can’t find anyone having this problem.

Summary: Light and GameObject Emissive or Glow disappears at some degrees from the camera.

The problem persists even in “Game” mode or even in Build version.

How to solve the problem?
It’s really easy, Unity’s basic fog system and very crap.
If you select Exponential Squared or basic Expo mode.
Above all, do not go higher than 0.01.