Bug or Error? Asset database transaction committed twice!

At first it started with these four errors:

Assertion failed on expression: 'm_ErrorCode == MDB_MAP_RESIZED || !HasAbortingErrors()'
Artifact meta info not present for hash 3d5cdc453cec58c810f05fd9483235f3
Asset database transaction committed twice!
Assertion failed on expression: 'errors == MDB_SUCCESS || errors == MDB_NOTFOUND'

I looked into this and it was supposedly a past version bug, nothing mentioned in this version, one site said to open and save the images used as sprites/UI as the answer but I have no idea which images and it seems to be 9 files extra since and started with only one hash error above (sprites are the only image types used, single and multi all pixel art.)
Stranger yet sometimes I can run it and no errors, other times its giving these errors right away, other times there is a delay before the happen!
Just ran it again and nothing, closed and ran again and only original 4 mentioned at top.
Just prior to that as you can see in the image, it shows even more of the same type!!

Version 2020.1.6f1 Personal

same errors for me, unity 2020.2f1

Same here. unity 2020.1f1
It triggers whenever I browse through my assets from time to time.

@xskyhigh12 @DriesVrBase @Bloke28
Anyone got the answer ?? Same Here…

Same errors on Unity 2020.3.11f1

Also on Unity 2020.3.12f1 :wink:

Same here 2020.3.28f1

I had the same error and was able to solve it by deleting the Library folder then reopen the project, unity will create another library folder for you and boom the error is gone.