[Bug] Project Name make certification issue

Hi, Unity Tech guys,

My project name of Unity(5.3.3f1) has a blank(space character), it can be exported/packaged right, but it will bring a certification failed in Windows Dev Center dashboard when I submit for approval, so I think it's a bug.



After I remove this blank(space character) as "AncientContinent", it's OK.

Unity exports Visual Studio project files by this project name configure, maybe some problems would be generated at that time as that format.

Just report. I don't know how to open a issue(bug) tracker, so I start a new thread here to let you know.

Thanks for reporting.
Which version of Unity is this? We've been fixing similar issue in the past.

I'm so sorry for miss Unity version :)
It's 5.3.3f1, least version.

There is a known bug - you cannot deploy projects with Master configuration when there is a space character in the title. Most likely, it is the cause of certification failure.

Note, that it is a problem in Visual Studio and not Unity. But we have reported this bug to Microsoft.

But just to be sure that this is the same issue could you please submit a bug report? (https://unity3d.com/unity/qa/bug-reporting)

Great Thanks!
I very appreciate if Unity give me a yellow warning text in Project Name for Windows WAS platform.

Thanks for your time.