bug report) Fatal error with Dialogue system For Unity

(sorry for my bad English)
Hello, I'm using the latest version of Localization package with Dialog System For Unity by Pixel crusher.

I found a fatal error while using these two assets.
If the name or file path of the Localization String Table changes after it is created, the Cache String Tables() function of the Dialog System Localization Package Bridge does not work and the Unity Editor stops.

Detailed symptoms: When I enter play mode, the Unity Editor stops.
Like an infinite loop error, the error log does not output and I can't interact with any UI in the Unity Editor.

The only solution I found is to delete the String Table that changed the name or file path and recreate it.
I actually solved my problem this way but the error must be resolved. thank you.

Could you please file a bug report https://unity.com/releases/editor/qa/bug-reporting