Bug report is slow as hell

I tried to report a bug in Unity Editor and man is it slow. As I'm writing this the "uploading the report" dialog has been open for 20 minutes and is at 81%. Are you uploading my whole hard drive up there?

BTW I'm on Ubuntu. Might be related.

Is uploading your project, if you selected that option (default).
And depending on your project folder size, your network speed, time of the day, delays, it may add up quite a bit.

Mind, many networks providers, gives much slower upload than download.

I just realized my current project actually got uploaded along with the bug report. oops.

This isn't related to the beta, as this is the case in current release versions of Unity as well, so this topic should probably be moved. But, I'll also just state that I'd love to see some improvements to potential upload speed when reporting issues. Uploading a test case for an HDRP issue is particularly brutal, as even the relatively small sample scene ends up being large, and takes at least 30 minutes to submit the bug report. Looking at network usage during the upload portion, it's uploading at a modest 200-300 Kbps, which is less than 10% of the upload speeds I can achieve uploading pretty much anywhere else. So, it's not as simple as it being an issue with a users' upload speed. Either Unity's servers are regularly hammered and can't deal with the traffic, or it's something else. It's worth noting that while uploading, the bug report tool seems to use 100% of one core pretty much the whole time. So I wonder if the bug report tool is just bad at streaming the content, and doesn't even make full use of the upload capabilities of the host.


Man you're lucky, I'm at 20 minutes and the Packing the report is at 2%...