[Bug report] Time scale VS Cloth

I used to put a flag with cloth renderer in my game. I changed the time Scale in the time setting to 0 and changed again to one. unity get crashed

I tested to many times. in all crash repeated again. Is there anyway to solve it?

pp: unity 3.x

IFAIK, it is a reported bug at this point, with no fix yet.
if you still are looking for a solution/workaround…

you have to disable all interactive cloth components in your scene before (<-- very important) you set your time scale to 0.

When unpausing, be sure to re-enable your interactive cloth components only after you have unpaused (time scale != 0) your game.

Source: I have used this technique in two different projects to avoid crashes from interactive cloth

I ran into this problem today and I don’t get the error message when I disable and enable the cloths as BakuJake19 suggests BUT my cloths break once I re-enable them again. I use SetActiveRecursively to enable/disable.

Any news on this?

Update: I found my problem. The array of cloths I created before disabling the cloths was emptied before I was re-enabling the cloths so no cloths were actually enabled again. I also use GetComponent().enabled = true/false instead of SetActiveRecursively so I don’t have to keep an array of the cloths.

Only way i found is set Time.timeScale=0.00001f; for pause the game.