Bug: The profiler has run out of samples for this frame....

When running in the editor, I'm frequently getting this in the console window:

The profiler has run out of samples for this frame. This frame will be skipped. Increase the sample limit using Profiler.maxNumberOfSamplesPerFrame

The interesting thing is I don't have the profiler open.


Same for me, I had opened report 757716

Just FYI, I've been getting this in 5.2, probably in 5.1 as well. Maybe even earlier, so it's not a new problem.

I just got a reply that QA could not reproduce it. Did any of you find a way yet when this occurs? I will keep an eye open for the exact conditions now but any help is appreciated.

I know I've had this pop-up when I have the profiler running and I am dragging objects around in the scene view while in play mode.

I've not once opened the profiler since updating to 5.4 beta and still I see this quite often.

I see that often, too. Always thought it has something to do with "started profiling, closed profiler without stopping profiling" so I thought "my fault".

Getting same in 5.3.1f1.

Happens when I open the profiler then close the window without stopping recording. Seems to keep happening until I restart Unity.

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Same here.

@Hivemind9000 's report is identical to what I'm experiencing. It looks/feels like the recording continues in the background when you close the profiler window and that error, once it starts, continues until you restart Unity. A possible solution might simply be to enforce recording to stop when you close the profiler window but I'll admit I'm not 100% sure I haven't seen this even after stopping recording, the trouble is that quite a bit of time needs to pass before it shows up. And opening the profiler window again almost increases the chances of this occurring. It "feels" like it's then running multiple profilers - even though only one profiler window is open.

Fix is in the works and in-bound for 5.4.


Awesome. Thanks! Been driving me crazy!

1.Also make it not record automatically. It should only record when the record button is pressed. Right now I am experiencing the bug and it keeps enabling itself even when i disable it.

2.Have you fixed the bug where the docs say the C# versions aren't available?
3.Have you fixed the duplicating UI Objects changes its transform X,Y,Z bug?
4.Have you fixed where in the docs searching online causes an empty screen appears until objects are loaded? Would be nice to put a "Searching" string to avoid people thinking their result failed since there can be a good 10 second wait sometimes.
5.Have you changed the floating point system in Unity so it avoids losing precision all the time and outputting 10 digits? This would also fix gaps in walls when level editing and snapping.
6. Have you fixed the "move up" or "move down" a component breaking prefab issue?
7. Have you enabled a left to right scroll bar in the hierarchy tab. Sometimes my hierarchy is pretty deep and objects go out of view-able range since theirs no way to scroll.
8. Have you added the ability to right click and cut/copy the name of a gameobject cause they are greyed out. I sometimes can't be bothered to use the keyboard shortcut's and they work.
9. Has the vertex snapping issue in Unity been fixed where hidden gameobjects are still being snapped to?
10. When the profile is recording it usually goes in increments but if you drag it all of a sudden it records seamlessly....
11. Has the UI being set to screen space overlay 100X scale been fixed?
12. Has the - and + button for adding a condition for example in Mecanim been fixed? The Minus button often won't respond until clicked many times or the plus is clicked.

I got more but I don't want to overload y'all. I am expecting big things from 5.4, I can't stay with 4.6 forever just because of the beast lightmapping system. Also 4.6 Mecanim is useless compared to 5.


I bug-reported this issue a while ago as:
(Case 704398) Unity5: Cannot turn off Profiler

Would be nice if it can be fixed too, while you’re at it.

Unfortunately, this list of isues not useful when glommed up this way. Additionally, we are chasing pre-existing bugs. However this forum is more scoped to new issues in 5.4 to make sure we’re not adding any more in process of fixing older things or making things faster. (Yes, fixes can break things). If you have bug #s with clear repro steps or projects, that would help immensely to track.

It’s on the team’s list. Unsure when they’ll get to it, but it’s there.

Almost August and 5.4 still has this bug for me. :rage:

As with most of the main features in Unity you are probably going to have to find a workaround, just deal with it, or use an alternative system. What’s really weird with bugs like the GUI Scale bug is that Unity says it’s fixed but people then say it’s not fixed in the next Unity version or something, it blows my mind lol. I am always afraid to look under the hood of programs but something tells me it might be because of the mess that is C++ the engine is made from…

If 50 people say they have a problem but only 2 are reporting a proper bug report then the bug get fixed for the 2 test cases there is a good chance that some other factors that did not get met in the test case procure the error to.
I know its not always easy to recreate the problem in a small test project or get the time to try it.

Which bug?

704398 (https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/issues/profilers-record-setting-gets-enabled-again-when-re-opening-the-profiler-window) was fixed in RC1/f1.

If it’s still a problem, as @fffMalzbier points out, we need a bug report to repro obviously something different.
Else, which bug are you talking about?