[Bug?] uGUI InputField - Last line disappeared after cut&paste

I found a strange behavior in uGUI InputField and wonder if it’s a bug or any way to fix it?


  1. Create a generic InputField using Menu>GameObject>UI>InputField
  2. Set “Line Type” as “Multi Line Newline”.
  3. Play the scene and enter few lines.
  4. Use ctrl-c to cut few lines till the 2nd last line.
  5. Use ctrl-v to paste again and last line is disappeared.
  6. Click anywhere of the InputField the last line appear again.
  7. Repeat 3-5 for lines but not till 2nd last line, it works fine.



Submitted a bug report and Unity has confirmed it’s a bug.

Vote for it if it matters to you too:
Issue 1103315