[Bug] Unity 5.4 - WACK: The app failed prelaunch test

Unity 5.4 has a regression with Windows 10 UWP, now the app fail to pass Windows App Certification Kit with the following error:

App prelaunch

  • Error Found: The app prelaunch validation detected the following errors:

  • The app failed prelaunch test - XXXXXX.XXXXXXXX_1.1.0.0_x64__3b9an4fqa6kcr.

  • Impact if not fixed: The app will take a longer time to launch, even when prelaunch is enabled.

  • How to fix: In the OnLaunched method implementation of the app, ensure you handle the LaunchActivatedEventArgs.PreLaunch option to be prelaunch event aware.

I created a bug case: 823115

Until Unity team provide a fix, there is a workaround for this issue?

Any help about this issue?

In our automated tests, this test passes, so this must be something specific in your case.

Things to try:
* try creating UWP project from Visual Studio menu and see if WACK fails then.
* Have you checked OnLaunched method how the error suggests, maybe you've modified it in some way?

Hello, this is a know problem of the Windows App Certification Kit. This error will not stop you from completing submission, you can still get your app published on the store. If you want to fix the error you need to upgrade to the latest Windows 10 update which is Anniversary Edition.
Read this: