Bug with Crossfade + CrossfadeInFixedTime ? (animator)

Any form of crossfade with in code with a blend tree causes scaling on the rig bones. They all scale up by the amount of the previous so the character becomes tapered with a huge head. To trigger the effect, ensure that there is a proper blend tree, ie locomotion, and just blend to same state once, that will do it.

animator.CrossFadeInFixedTime(Hash.actorLocomotion, 1f);

Why would a mesh suddenly scale up in 2018.3 when it did not in 2018.2 - what changed? It does not occur with a clip on a state, just a 2D blend tree. I don't fancy pulling apart my xx gigs project just yet...

Similar issue: https://discussions.unity.com/t/714579

I wonder if it has to do with the animation optimizations, as if Unity decides, oh the animation is set to 1, we don't have to worry about scale, only to default back to 100% scale for a single frame at the very start of the next animation thus breaking scale for any animation or scale that isn't 100%

I tried correcting the effected bones in LateUpdate and it didn't actually work, so that's super odd.

We have a bug logged that could be behind this behaviour. To be sure, though, could you please submit a bug report + repro?

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