Bug with EtceteraGUIManager.cs .

I adopted a project from another developer and found that this error:

Assets/Plugins/Etcetera/testSupport/EtceteraGUIManager.cs(114,25): error CS1502: The best overloaded method match for `UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour.StartCoroutine(System.Collections.IEnumerator)' has some invalid arguments

Pops up a bunch of times in the console, thus preventing me from running the app at all.
Anybody have a clue what this means (Let alone how to fix it)?

Also, not sure if this is relevant, but this is a iOS game that I am editing on a Windows. Does that have to do with this error?

Thanks in advance

Etecetera is a plugin from Prime31 implementing a number of iOS specific functionalities. You can probably solve the issue by updating to the latest version of the Etcetra plugin or perhaps just reinstalling the plugin. But the error is coming from testSupport directory. testSupport is where all the example code is kept, so you can likely just delete the whole directory from the project to remove this specific error. You will have to take a look and see where Etcetera is being used in the project and if it is conditionally being compiled for iOS or if it needs to be modified for your windows build.