Bugs & Question - Validating Check-in

So I have consistently had issues with UVCS in the Unity editor (6000.0.0b12 & 2022.3.15f1).

Specifically, it hangs when either:

  • You have a lot of changes; it’s just constantly searching for changes and never ends so a check-in can occur. I have to restart Unity for it stop so I can finally perform a check-in.
  • Or, on a large check-in hangs it, and it never indicates it’s finished, but after restarting Unity, UCVS in Unity and the GUI indicate everything was checked in.

  • In my case I had a multi-gig check-in, and it hung at 5% for 12 hours. I come back, close out, and restart Unity. UVCS both in Unity & the GUI are saying it’s all checked in and showing all files.

This now brings me to my question, being a UVCS n00b; is there a method to have UCVS validate that everything checked in for a branch matches what’s on the desktop e.g. a diff? I need to validate everything actually got checked in and it’s not reporting in error ghost file check-in.

Thanks for the help.

Video contains another example of error recurring; it has been running for over 12 hours and stopped where it’s at within 2 minutes of being kicked off.

Watch here.

And it actually completed according to workspace last night right after kick-off (y’all need to allow uploading pictures in forums :P).

Hi @NathanielAH

Can you please provide what is the version of Version Control installed in your package manager?

If this is reproducible with the latest version control in the package manager, please open a support ticket with the UVCS support team.

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I will test and open a support ticket if it continues to recur. Thank you.