Build and Run Problem, Nothing Happen !!

I just Make Simple Project like this video , I’m doing exactly like That.
But when I try to

Build and Run

nothing Happen No error or warning come out & the Build (.apk) not saving to my folder.

I stuck with this problem, can anyone help me.
Please tell me what wrong, because I don’t know the wrong part and can’t fix the problem.
How can I build and run my Scene?

I’m using unity 2019.3.5f1 (License Personal)
AR Foundation 3.1.3
AR Subsystems 3.1.3
ARCore XR Plugin 3.1.3

I’m a newbie and this is my first Unity and AR Project.
Thank You.

You need only “build and run”? You can try to use just “build”. “build and run” need for compilation on your device when you using USB and root or ADB and root.

that is the same problem with “Build”, my build project (.apk) not saving and No error or warnig to my Project.

I’m not sure about AR Project but in Unity, under File>Build Settings. There is also a “build and run” option there after you choose a platform by clicking “Switch Platform”. I hope this adds some direction in finding the solution.

I’m stuck with same issue pls help me out .what should I do now ?