Build and Run problem with Paritcles

I have built my project for both android and windows but i can"t see the particles (simple light effect or shining effect on the objects when touched). I am not using any prefabs etc for the particles but just a simple material(Shader Particles/Additive).
Since i am using a canvas for my project and particle system has problems with canvas i used the script provided by @glennpow and @Zarlang . (Thanks again.)

Not: When i run the game in the unity editor everyting looks fine. Any idea?

@ifurkend , i added some more particles using your method below.

This time there is no rendering problem, it looks quite good after building the project.

I think the problem was with the script i used. But still I would like to use it, because it also easly solves translate, position problems on the canvas. Attached is the code and the shaders provided by @glennpow and @Zarlang. I dont’t know why this script doesnt work after building the project.