Build Apple Unity Plug-Ins on PC

In order to use the Apple Unity Plug-Ins (necessary for authentication with Apple Game Center) you have to build it using python and Xcode (
Is there a way to build the plugin without being force to use a mac? Is there any alternative?

It may sound dumb, but you can't publish for any Apple platform without a Mac (correct me if I am wrong though). I used a Mac VM with VMware to do that, afaik there are no (other) alternatives for PC users.

Thats not true, you can use cloud build and iTools to build and deploy the app, Im using this approach since years


Any news on this topic? Got same question. Building your own plugins sounds over complicated.

Hey folks,
My understanding is that you are trying to build on a PC for an IOS device.
You are running into a problem since you don't have access to Xcode on a PC and require a Mac computer to use Xcode.

I would recommend looking into Unity Cloud Build Automation as a possible alternative. You will have access to python on those machines.

They are trying to build the apple unity plugin :
Is there a why to provide a finished build of the package so that windows user would be able to use without xcode?

Super retarded way, i build on Windows and send to Apple machine to publish for Mac. Now i need to start up the Mac computer in order for me to create simple package for unity. Which will work with Windows editor... What a way to make development even more complicated